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  • Have started using Chrome because of 1) HTML5 on YouTube, and 2) Firefox is a giant memory hog. I leave my browser up for extended periods of time, and it's not uncommon for me to see 500,000 K of memory usage. I decided that was maybe not ideal.

  • Awesome weekend. I did dumb things with my schedule, but I think they were worth it, and I'm almost at 100 files anyway. I need to count to make super sure, but I'm at near 60 2nds and just over 30 1sts. I think. I need to start bringing more files home.

  • Life doesn't suck. Work is hard, but it's a job I'm enjoying a lot, and that is making me reconsider my goals for the next few years. Neil is kind of awesome, in many awesome ways. I'm getting to dance an amount that seems to be appropriate to my schedule right now. I wish I had a little more free time, so that I could unpack my stuff, but this is pretty good.

  • Have to take bus in the morning. Have gotten very spoiled with carpool. Not looking forward to it.

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