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It's shocking how much better I feel when I have a little unstructured free time to myself. I ended up leaving work after lunch, because I was being aggressively unproductive in the morning despite a couple of deadlines that I know I have to work on and I could feel my mental state going downhill. I believe the phrase I used was "a couple of days from hysterical laughter."

At home, I:

  • watched three episodes of Castle
  • knitted some
  • finally unpacked my suitcase that has been sitting in the middle of my floor since a week and a half ago OMG
  • took a three-hour nap
  • finally put the shirt that has been sitting downstairs for over a month in the laundry

I actually feel awake and wanting to do things for the first time in a while. Inconvenient, at 12:30 am, but I'm hoping some of this feeling will transfer to tomorrow, at which point I need to schedule all the travel for my Florida trip that I'm leaving for on Saturday and should have finished last week sometime ahahaha.
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