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A happy post!

It was very laundry day today -- no clean jeans, or undershirts, or bras that I like. Problematic. I decided to be a little experimental, and wear a skirt that I haven't worn forever with a pair of tights that I haven't worn at all (I may be OD'ing on fashion blogs a little...). Sports bra, threadless t-shirt, good to go.

But then! I went on a bit of closet cleaning spree. Skirts that I didn't see myself wearing ever went, and a few other shirts. There's an H&M vest that I got at some point that I liked, but stopped wearing because I thought it felt too tight, or something. I tried it on to see if it was in fact too tight...

... and realized that I was wearing an outfit.


I will probably never make an outfit post ever again, but felt the need to let the internet know that I can wear clothes that make me feel awesome.
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