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  • The dance show went really well (WCS routine with Neil). Practice was... excruciating, and Thursday dress was only okay, but the performances were great, and people really enjoyed it. We survived!
  • Standard practice was really good yesterday. We took some of the things from our lesson last Tuesday and actually applied them to our routines, and made our lines sections a lot better. I am going to miss having this particular partner when he leaves at the end of the year, but I'm really glad we've been able to work together as we have. I'm such a better dancer than I was when we started it's not even funny.
  • Then I went bouldering. I'm not feeling it in my forearms or fingers as much as I was right after, but my shoulders are sore and opening doors is hard. I may have tripped and bought a monthly membership to Hangar 18. It was only 26 dollars! If I go twice during April it will be worth it! Bouldering is difficult, but still new enough to not be frustrating, so I can focus on learning this New Thing without wanting to bite something.
  • I like my outfit today, which is slightly shocking because I thought I was out of work clothes as of last Friday, and I forgot to do laundry yesterday. Bottom line, I feel super cute, and I blame it mostly on these shoes.

Apparently deciding to quit my job makes everything better!
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