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Good morning, internet!
  • Lesson from a holiday following a work weekend: even if I'm very tired, it is still better and ultimately less tiring to get up early and get going. All-day sweatpants are not my friend.
  • I really like the new department lab set up. There are excellent chairs that are huge and comfy, and are proving to be an ideal place to hang out in the morning. I actually get some writing done! Often. Sometimes.
  • Along the same lines, I've been getting up at 6 with the Roommate and leaving the house when he does. This has improved my day immeasurably. I haven't quite adjusted to the need to get to bed by ideally 9:30, 10 at a stretch, but the mornings are lovely. This morning, Roommate decided that it was a great morning to stretch! So there was stretching, and lo, it was good.
  • I also really like the idea of sorting through one's possessions and only keeping the ones that give one joy. (as here) Unfortunately, I'm having a difficult time distinguishing between for instance clothing that does not bring me joy, and anhedonia. Curse you, depression.
And now, homework.
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