Apr. 20th, 2009

When I first signed up for a livejournal, I wanted to be bookwyrm. It was taken. It is still, in fact, taken, by someone who hasn't updated since 2001. This made me somewhat grumpy at the time, and in fact still makes me grump a little. I could have been bookwyrm, but noooo...

Point being, I was never that attached to this particular identity. Still amn't. On most places on the internets now, I'm signing up for things with h(lastname), despite my deep-seated fear of giving out personal information online. My father trained me well. I haven't really wanted to be anyone else; I don't have a particular screenname that defines my online persona. On Pidgin, even, I have everyone on my buddy list, including myself, aliased with real names. I am Me.

This becomes relevant because I just got my random Dreamwidth invite. I want to make a journal, but I don't know quite who I want to be. I'm still not quite comfortable with linking my last name explicitly with this journal, although I suspect it would be easy enough to find, given enough wherewithal, so I don't want to be h(lastname). I would rather not continue to be wyrmie, just because that's not really me anymore -- the first time I was bookwyrm was in the KidPub MUD, shortly after we moved to NC -- so sixth or seventh grade? Point being, I still haven't found a user name that I really like and want to stick with.

I'm thinking of some variation on "goesbothways," because I am, after all, a palindrome. Twice, even. Dunno, though.



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