Jul. 6th, 2009

Moderately interesting soup-things are ridiculously easy to make.

I had very little to eat in the pantry today. I did, however, have a can of cream of potato soup. I decided it needed to be stew. I think I missed the stew a little, but it turned into soup.

Proportions were:
-- half a pepper
-- one moderately-sized onion
-- one carrot
-- one can of beans
-- one can of cream of potato soup
-- one can of milk (didn't start out in the can)

  1. Cook the pepper and onion
  2. cook the carrot for a little while
  3. get bored and add the beans and some water
  4. get impatient again and add the cream of potato soup
  5. realize I should have mixed the soup with milk before adding it to the pot. Oops.
  6. stir stir stir
  7. wait

And then it became soup. It's kind of bland, but it's... potato soup. Would have liked to have more beans, and maybe chicken or sausage, but it's definitely edible, and it should keep for lunch tomorrow. Half an hour.

At some point soonish I will write about Alaska. I'm eating my dinner now though.



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