Jan. 6th, 2012

Hi interwebs!

Kinda sorta testing posting from my new Kindle Fire. A list of happy things:

  • The company with whom I've been doing filming at ballroom competitions is interested in hiring me more. This means that I get a free trip to work City Lights in San Jose at the end of the month, and possibly to other comps in the future. It's not super consistent work, maybe one comp a month, but the pay doesn't suck and it's twelve-hour days, so it will be a welcome infusion of cash.
  • The holidays did not suck. This was only moderately shocking -- with parents splitting, home seemed like a bad place to be, so I stayed here in Claremont. Hung out with people, went dancing on Christmas Day and New Year's weekend, baked things and ate tasty food, and generally behaved like a grown up.
  • My room is clean enough that I can vacuum it with little additional effort. No having to pick tons of stuff up off the floor.
  • Neil and I are no longer on a break. We are slowly building our relationship back up, with hopes that going slow-like will help in the building a stronger, longer-lasting relationship that's healthier and more supportive for both of us. We're going on a date tomorrow! And I am excited.

So those are some things. There are other, more mixed things going on, but I'm opting to focus on the positive at this moment.



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