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My knitting is now approximately four inches long. I estimated, and then I measured, and I win at estimating. I did stockinette for a while, and then I got tired of purling so I switched back to garter stitch. It'll be good practice at not making my knitting too tight, which appears to be an issue currently. I love how the texture of the knitting feels, and the yarn is fuzzy and soft. Possibly I have been hooked. Third time's the charm? I keep thinking of projects I want to do. A penguin for my dad for Christmas, which requires that I think of projects for other family members as well; legwarmers; a laptop cozy (which I will continue to think of as a sweater for my laptop); fingerless gloves. Some things easier than others. When I get the whole knitting and purling thing down a little more solidly, I'm going to experiment with different methods of increasing and decreasing. [livejournal.com profile] avhn sent me a site with videos of knitting things, which seems like it will be useful, so I'll have things to play with on Sunday.

I really like mint tea, incidentally. I have that and these white chocolate caramel nut cluster things that I got on sale at Sprout's, and my knitting. It's being a very peaceful evening. I was going to do laundry, but I'm thinking I might just attempt to get to bed by 10:30 and do it in the morning instead. I have practice hours in the LAC 1-3, but I should have plenty of time to do laundry before that and shopping after.

What should I make for dinner this week? I should plan shopping before I actually do it... Cornbread, definitely -- I have so much cornmeal it's a bit ridiculous.

Not going out and doing things makes me feel a little restless. I've been so busy the past few weeks with dance stuff and trips and people visiting, I haven't had much time just around the suite. It's nice, but it's weird. I need to find a book to read.
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