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Bullet points time!

  • I'm having a civil exchange on Facebook with Hunter. About audiobooks. What. I'm not sure if I'm more confused by the "civil" or the "audiobooks."

  • This is my second massively long Facebook thread this week. I had no idea that people were so interested in ants and audiobooks. Maybe it's just interest in giving advice.

  • Having a really, really good summer.

  • Almost done with dishes. I hate doing dishes. After tonight, though, should be done, and then I can progress to tidying up other bits of the suite. Now that I'm the only one in it and all. Someone wiped down my kitchen counter, and I really, really want to give them a hug. I think it was the awesome F&M person who's cleaning here this summer.

  • Getting bad at food again. Have very little in pantry, but it should be enough for this week until Saturday. Turns out, scrambled eggs are super easy to make, and are at least edible regardless of their cook's proficiency, especially when eaten with toast. Also, how long do I have after milk's expiration before I can't drink it anymore?

  • I think I'm getting a little tired of people. That possibly contributed to my sleeping for twelve solid hours last night. Twelve. I went down for a nap after work, and didn't actually wake up until the next morning. I had a very nice conversation with Braly, who is currently on the other side of the world, and made myself breakfast. I should be up at 7 every morning.

  • Almost done with first fingerless mitten. Realized the reason they're good first projects is that they're basically fancy tubes with a hole in the side. Don't mind terribly; I really like the cabling pattern on these, because it's really easy and it looks cool, and I had enough challenge in figuring out how to make the hole in the side. (Which I did on the plane, and thus with no internet and no reference. I win.) I'm finished with the cabling pattern, and have only about an inch of ribbing left. Then I will be halfway done with my first project.

  • While I was home, I bonded a little bit with my mom over knitting. She gave me a ball of sock yarn. That means I have to knit socks now. Also we went to a yarn store, where I petted everything, and also where I saw a really cool shawl that they had hanging as a sample piece, from a free pattern (http://christine.typepad.com/knitting/easy-drop-stitch-scarf-pa.html), which I have decided that I'm going to knit for Mom for Christmas. Shh, don't tell. Means I'll probably be placing a KnitPicks order soon. The piece at the yarn store used larger needles (and possibly finer yarn) than the one on the pattern, and was a little wider. I liked the look of it, so will probably be doing the same. Attempting to do the same, at least.

Dishes, possibly another row or two, bed. Good Plan.



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