It's too bright out still. I'm not used to this whole Daylight Savings thing.

There's too much going on in my head right now, and not enough. I'm behind in E4 and Physics Lab; a little behind in Chem, with doing badly on assignments, and the same in Physics. I don't know what to blame that on, other than my own current distaste for actual work and thought.

I don't want to go to capoeira tonight, but I need to. It's a paid-for class, and I know I'll feel immeasurably better afterwards. I just don't want to do anything except to just exist for a while. Fortunately Funball is tomorrow night, and I'll be able to get lost in the music and dance badly for a very long time.

Just have to not die before then. I'm sure I'll manage that; it's just a matter of what I manage to get done between now and then. The correct answer is not "nothing."
Ooof. March was one of the longest months of my life, seemed like. Not that I've had that many months, but still. Time stretches oddly here, maybe because so much happens, and so many hours are spent awake. Who knows?

This is sort of a run-down for me of how my life is going, in sections. It may be boring for, well, anyone else.
The Big List... )
So it really doesn't look so bad. I mean, yes, Chem looks bad, and so does Physics Lab, and the fact that we're more than halfway through the semester doesn't really help. But I think on the whole I'm going to be okay. We'll just have to see how Physics recitation goes today. I'll probably end up doing that homework tonight; take it back, I'm going to do that homework tonight, so I know how that sort of problem works, at least.

On other fronts of life... let's just say I'm coping.


Apr. 1st, 2006 06:36 pm
So I finished part 2 of the CS homework. Cool. Had no idea how to do it because all we got in class was "Here's a logic problem. Have fun!" That's okay though, because Sarah is a Super Grutor, and explained it to me in small words so my tiny brain could comprehend it.

Then I couldn't find my notes to do part 3. I looked pretty much everywhere, including twice through my bag, because I was almost positive that's where they were. I couldn't find them. I gave up and went down to the lounge.

After dinner, I came back up to try to find my notes. Looked through my bag, again. Found them first go through. Started plotting on paper what I needed to do.

Tried to ssh turing. No go. Apparently turing is down.

I'm just kind of frustrated at this point. I wrote out part 3, but I have no idea if it works or not, because I can't get to Prolog to test it out. So I have Spamventure still to go, and possibly the multiplier depending on whether or not it works, and also my tech report, which is as yet unstarted.

I'm going to watch Shawshank Redemption regardless of what I have done, though. I need a fucking 2 hr 22 min break.
My nose is whistly and my essay is as yet unfinished. I am Unhappy.

I don't even know where I'm going with it. I have a thesis, and nothing else. I neglected to define a key point in said thesis before starting to free-write, and now none of it is useful because I'm not even entirely sure what I'm trying to say.

I fail at essay. And possibly life. Not life, but definitely essay.

Good points to today:
-Went to library. Established that there are a great many books there, some of which look Interesting. Hung out mainly in level 2 of floating stacks, one side of which apparently contains world lit and thus grammars in many, many languages. I should count next time I'm there. It was kind of amazing.
-Leftovers. Finished off rice and black pepper chicken sauce with chopsticks. The chicken itself is still uneaten, but we'll probably fix that tomorrow for lunch.
-Meeting with Dean Cave possibly tomorrow depending on whether he's in his office. Can establish whether dropping Hum and taking classes at State over the summer is feasible alternative to, well, failing miserably.
-One Cadbury Caramel egg left. Got two at Von's yesterday, ate one today to make myself feel better. It so worked. They are bliss in eggy form.

Argh, sneezy. I hate sick, even if it's little sick.
Fun with capoeira last night. Joey is apparently injured, so he just watched people and gave tips. Joey gives good tips. Afterwards, I actually hung around, with the Scrippsies and Ren, then headed to the Motley with the Scrippsies, who were aghast that I had never been there before. it's a coffeeshop! Five minutes away! That takes Flex! And has bands on Thursdays! Also their fruit leather is less expensive than the fruit leather at Jay's. Good deal.

Academics this semester, on the other hand, are eating my soul. The problem is that almost everything is long-term, which is what I'm bad at planning/doing. So I went to talk to Beverly on Tuesday, and then I went to check in with Beverly yesterday, and the conclusion she reached is that there's something deeper going on that needs to be dealt with.

Somewhat related is the fact that this lj is not going to very active for the next whenever. I'm going to try to be writing as much as possible, but all of that is going to be private locked, because then I don't have to worry about editing to not sound dumb. Also I will probably be writing with as few capital letters as possible, but no one cares, because nobody but me will be reading those entries anyway.

Anyway. It's Friday; I did in fact fail the Chem quiz; I have CS this afternoon and will most likely be going to the LaTeX workshop afterwards. Write overdue Physics Lab, start overdue Hum paper.

It's a plan.



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