I am somewhat dead of ballroom. Between time getting set for performances and the emotional drain of being around Certain Persons ALL THE TIME, the past week has been interesting.

One good thing is the time I've been spending with the other women on team. We've been doing tanning, which is by necessity (and naked) women-only; Tuesday was watching Twilight, eating ice cream and bitching about team. It was fabulous. I really, really miss having people to hang out with on a regular basis around whom I don't feel like I have to be clever. It should be okay next semester because some of the people I'm most enjoying right now aren't going anywhere, but I will definitely miss others who are graduating or abroad-ing. I wish that I had been able to find that sort of community earlier.

Also my parents are coming today! I don't remember when their flight is getting in, so I might not be seeing them until tomorrow, but they're going to be here, and they're coming to concert, so :D!
Shopping trip this morning! Which was fun. Returning the ZipCar late, not so fun; my cell phone died this morning, so I didn't really have a portable timepiece, and [livejournal.com profile] mercuriazs did something strange to hers at breakfast so the screen was dead. They charge... kind of a lot. Oh, well. Got concert stuff at Target, The Little Prince at B&N, which I just read online and am now glad I own, and looked for spandex shorts at Ross. There are none. Anywhere. It is somewhat distressing. Plan B is currently to look for cheap leggings online, of the stretchy, cotton/spandex sort, that could be cut down. Plan C is Discount Dance. I'd rather not buy clothing I can't try on, though, especially something spandexy and shorts.

So much homework this weekend. It is going to suck mightily.
Argh brain stoppit.

Thingsof random! )

Can has brain dump?



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