I should upload some userpics at some point.

My parents' visit was fabulous. We went out a lot, so I didn't have to eat at the Hoch (score!), and we did cool stuff. Wednesday before they left, we went to Hip Kitty with [livejournal.com profile] bjencks, because Wednesday is a jazz improv night. We danced some, and the musicians liked us, so I'm organizing a (hopefully small) group to go again tonight.

But yeah, parents. They seemed to be popular among the people to whom I introduced them, and they seemed to like the people to whom I introduced them, so win all around. They also told me several times that they are very proud of me and what I've accomplished in the past four years, so it was warm fuzzies all around. I'm glad we can interact the way we do; I feel like they're treating me more like an adult and less like just their daughter, although I'm glad that I'm still that, too.

Ballroom is over for the semester, other than events like the Hip Kitty trip previously mentioned. I'm kind of glad, because it means that one of my most significant emotional stressors is now leaving me alone. It sucks not seeing people that I like, but I'll see most of them again, this summer even. I have coffee with Paul on Friday, after which I will most likely have a lot to think about, and a to-do list. I made about a page and a half of notes about the website, because currently it is full of fail and being disorganized. We should have a wiki.

Likewise, school is pretty much over for the semester. SO NICE. We turned in our clinic checklist yesterday, and our final report the day before that, which means that I will never have to deal with Certain Professors again. OH FUN NOTE if portal is to be trusted, I got a B. Ha. I took the PLs final on Monday, which I'm hoping that I got at least a C on, because that means I pass. According to portal, I also passed psych, which means that the only thing I have left to worry about is my incomplete in anthro, which I'm working on. I don't think my GPA will improve much this semester, but wevs. The 3 will just stay forever tantalizingly out of my reach.

I'm actually boring myself with this, so I'm going to go through my music now.



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