Fun with capoeira last night. Joey is apparently injured, so he just watched people and gave tips. Joey gives good tips. Afterwards, I actually hung around, with the Scrippsies and Ren, then headed to the Motley with the Scrippsies, who were aghast that I had never been there before. it's a coffeeshop! Five minutes away! That takes Flex! And has bands on Thursdays! Also their fruit leather is less expensive than the fruit leather at Jay's. Good deal.

Academics this semester, on the other hand, are eating my soul. The problem is that almost everything is long-term, which is what I'm bad at planning/doing. So I went to talk to Beverly on Tuesday, and then I went to check in with Beverly yesterday, and the conclusion she reached is that there's something deeper going on that needs to be dealt with.

Somewhat related is the fact that this lj is not going to very active for the next whenever. I'm going to try to be writing as much as possible, but all of that is going to be private locked, because then I don't have to worry about editing to not sound dumb. Also I will probably be writing with as few capital letters as possible, but no one cares, because nobody but me will be reading those entries anyway.

Anyway. It's Friday; I did in fact fail the Chem quiz; I have CS this afternoon and will most likely be going to the LaTeX workshop afterwards. Write overdue Physics Lab, start overdue Hum paper.

It's a plan.
Capoeira tonight--was super awesome. I still can't turn a cartwheel, but I'm getting there. And I have capoeira pants, which are also super awesome.

What is not super awesome is that my unfolded laundry is still sitting on my bed. Dangit.

However, my homework is done and pizza has been had, so I think it was a successful night all around.

In the interest of balance (no, CA is not perfect), the beginnng of this week was not so nice. I was so sleep depped on Tuesday that I just had to sleep, so I did. Right through lunch, because that's the only time I have on Tuesdays, and through the first half-hour of my Chem Lab. Fortunately the prof didn't seem too pissed. I took a three hour nap Wednesday because I just couldn't stay awake, and then I just couldn't get out of bed.

But capoeira is fun, and doing homework is actually fun because I'm doing it with other people, and the pizza place on campus is open 'til one. I figure I'll eventually be comfortable with what I'm doing here, even if it hasn't completely happened yet. I can live with this until it does.



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