Breakfast for dinner! Turns out both french toast and scrambled eggs are ridiculously easy to make, and scale down very well. One egg gets you about two slices of french toast.

I'm not going to bother posting recipes for my own or anyone else's edification, because both consist of approximately three ingredients.

French Toast:
-- Next time, a little more vanilla and a little more cinnamon. I didn't want to add too much of either, and I think I went the other way. Wheat bread is really boring, so more flavor would have been excellent.
-- Also, try with powdered sugar and jam, instead of syrup. I anticipate great things.
-- I really dislike soggy french toast. It just occurred to me why that happens: the egg soaks into the center of the bread, and never quite cooks all the way through. At least, that's my theory. Thus I conclude that when the recipe says to hold bread in egg mixture for several seconds to soak, it is not talking about my bread, which is like a slightly-more-edible sponge. If I'm using this kind of sandwich bread, I really don't need to do more than make sure that egg has stuck to the whole bread.

-- Three was maybe too much. Accordingly, need to use less than a whole sausage. The pepper and onion was probably about right.
-- I can think of nothing else to say other than yum.

Also, it's nice that if I make dinner, I can feel perfectly justified and not at all guilty when I throw things away that I do not want to eat, like soggy french toast, especially when there are more eggs in the pan.
Moderately interesting soup-things are ridiculously easy to make.

I had very little to eat in the pantry today. I did, however, have a can of cream of potato soup. I decided it needed to be stew. I think I missed the stew a little, but it turned into soup.

Proportions were:
-- half a pepper
-- one moderately-sized onion
-- one carrot
-- one can of beans
-- one can of cream of potato soup
-- one can of milk (didn't start out in the can)

  1. Cook the pepper and onion
  2. cook the carrot for a little while
  3. get bored and add the beans and some water
  4. get impatient again and add the cream of potato soup
  5. realize I should have mixed the soup with milk before adding it to the pot. Oops.
  6. stir stir stir
  7. wait

And then it became soup. It's kind of bland, but it's... potato soup. Would have liked to have more beans, and maybe chicken or sausage, but it's definitely edible, and it should keep for lunch tomorrow. Half an hour.

At some point soonish I will write about Alaska. I'm eating my dinner now though.
There was cooking last night!

I should probably cut... )

It was tasty. And we had a vegetable! I felt all grown-up. Then we ate asparagus with fingers, and the sensation passed.

I got the leftover asparagus, because I want to try doing pasta in a cream sauce with chicken and asparagus. Now I just need a recipe for cream sauce...

How long does asparagus keep?
Resolved a thought to my satisfaction yesterday, which is that part of the reason I'm getting a little annoyed with my frosh for how they're treating the suite and the kitchen and things is that to me, this is my home for the next six months. The longest I'm going to be not here, until December, will be the nine days in August where I'm going home. They're just living here for a few weeks until their summer thing is done with. Of course they don't care about getting kitchen stuff, or wiping off counters, or making the living room be nice. This isn't the kind of space that they would put that kind of care into.

Also, they're frosh.

In other news, [ profile] sakecake and I made dinner yesterday, and it was and continues to be delicious. I have decided that I'm going to write down stuff about food, so that I can record the ongoing process of learning to feed myself in ways that do not solely involve copious amounts of pancakes.

Dinner was a vaguely Indian stew-chili thing. One of [ profile] sakecake's suitemates left behind a couple of jars of Trader Joe's masala sauce, and after a trial run with it we decided that it would be a tasty stew base. Also there was corn bread.

Things involved in stew thing:
- one green bell pepper
- two smalling yellow onions
- a couple of carrots
- four red potatoes
- can of pinto beans
- can of kidney beans
- jar of masala sauce

What we did:
First we sautéed the pepper and onions. I would like to note at this point that Firefox's dictionary includes "sautéed" with the little accent, and not without. Then diced carrots and potatoes for a while, then beans. I think a can of water went in at that point also. Shortly thereafter, the sauce went in with another jarful of water. Covered the pot, let it simmer while the cornbread baked and [ profile] sakecake did dishes. I didn't even ask, she just did them!

I don't have a recipe for the cornbread (... *puppy eyes*?), but it was quite tasty in the stew chili thing.

Total time involved:
Maybe an hour and a halfish? Cornbread could have been timed a little better, but we thought it was done -- it looked all pretty on top, and then sunk when pierced by cold steel.

Would be dinner for fourish. It was dinner for us two, and now dinner for me, and there's probably one or two more servings in there.
* Went to Target. Got much kitchen stuffs; also an iron. Feel all adult now -- I own knives! And mixing bowls!

* Discovered that I cannot swipe into my suite. Neither can one of the Adams; neither could the F&M lackey. BAD. Hopefully will be fixed tomorrow.

* Had pancakes for breakfast. Om nom.

* Really, really tired. Do not want to be productive. This is also bad.

* Want to try being a redhead. Not sure how. Going to a place would be expensive, but doing it myself runs the risk of looking terrible.

* I should upload an icon to Dreamwidth at some point.

* Meh.



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