My nose is whistly and my essay is as yet unfinished. I am Unhappy.

I don't even know where I'm going with it. I have a thesis, and nothing else. I neglected to define a key point in said thesis before starting to free-write, and now none of it is useful because I'm not even entirely sure what I'm trying to say.

I fail at essay. And possibly life. Not life, but definitely essay.

Good points to today:
-Went to library. Established that there are a great many books there, some of which look Interesting. Hung out mainly in level 2 of floating stacks, one side of which apparently contains world lit and thus grammars in many, many languages. I should count next time I'm there. It was kind of amazing.
-Leftovers. Finished off rice and black pepper chicken sauce with chopsticks. The chicken itself is still uneaten, but we'll probably fix that tomorrow for lunch.
-Meeting with Dean Cave possibly tomorrow depending on whether he's in his office. Can establish whether dropping Hum and taking classes at State over the summer is feasible alternative to, well, failing miserably.
-One Cadbury Caramel egg left. Got two at Von's yesterday, ate one today to make myself feel better. It so worked. They are bliss in eggy form.

Argh, sneezy. I hate sick, even if it's little sick.


Mar. 14th, 2006 09:24 pm
I have a cold, I think--I have been sneezing more than is typical. This is Unfortunate.

We walked to Star Wok next to Von's for dinner. It was a bit chilly on the way back, but it was totally worth it, especially since I managed to feed myself with chopsticks. Rice, even.

And now I'm being bored and listening to Rent. It's kind of fun. I may start on my physics, which would be Amazing.

Meeting with Beverly this afternoon. Lots of stuff to consider.

It shouldn't feel cold in this room, especially with Christine's mattress pad on and our heat all the way up but it does. Not a fan.
It surprises me sometimes, more than it ought to, I think, how many people care about what happens to me. MacKenzie took me to South this evening to meet Simon and Andi, to see if perhaps they knew anyone in South who wanted to get into East, or if there would be South-space for a single Eastie with no roommate. Andi did not, off the top of her head, but hopefully she will think of me if it is an issue that comes up.

Speaking of which, if anyone hears of a girl looking for a roommate in East, Atwood, or Case, or someone to fill out a South suite, well, I am too. I'm relatively quiet and relatively neat, and I can feed myself. And I'm housebroken.

I have way too much to do tomorrow. And I am going to go to physics lecture. I just am. That's the way it goes.

Shower, bed.
It wasn't quite what I expected to make me feel better, but it worked.

Yay instant dance parties.
"Perfection is the enemy of good."
--Professor Donnelly, misquoting (as far as I can tell) Winston Churchill
... okay, it probably wasn't longest, but it was pretty damn long.

Highlight (names changed to protect the innocent livejournal-less, and also I didn't ask):

(14:57:15) Me: i like to think that any relationship that would lead to something longer term for me would have to include that kind of comfortable.
(14:57:36) Me: it would have to have more, obviously, because good friends doesn't necessarily mean good anything else, but it woul dhave to include that
(14:58:02) That Guy: yeah, I do think that's really the only requirement. Well, that and boobs
(14:58:07) Me: :p
(14:58:36) That Guy: I haven't gotten to consistently being that comfortable with [a girl]
(14:58:44) Me: what, boobs?
(14:58:45) Me: ;)
(14:58:52) That Guy: :p
(14:59:00) Me: 0:)
(14:59:09) That Guy: (.)(.) as long as we're throwing emoticons around

I like my friends. Come to Cali, silly person! ;)

Meeting in half-an-hour.
My parents sent me a Valentine's Day care package, which is wonderful and sweet and makes me happy inside--a card with glitter, and a box of chocolates, and a pair of socks.

The problem is that the box of chocolates is glued shut.

Someone somewhere is having a laugh at my expense right now. I know I certainly am...

They smell so good...

Edit: Discovered why they were stuck shut--they're ALL MELTED TOGETHER!!!! It's not a box of chocolates anymore, it's a chocolate.

I'm still amused, though.
Every now and then, life reminds me why it's beautiful.
I just played four square at West for an hour. It was awesome.

Also CS60 rocks like a very rocking thing. Life is good.
Awake at a ridiculous hour this morning--8:00, when I went to bed at 1:30ish.

I remember turning on the Rent soundtrack at about 9:30, then doing some quick math and thinking "this will take two and a half hours--I doubt we'll still be here." Two and half hours later....

I missed floors. The friendly ones, at least.

My desk is full of stuff that needs to go in my drawers, or on shelves, or in the trash, or on my walls. Not on the desk. There is currently no space for anything, which is sad. I managed to unpack everything yesterday, but it didn't quite all get mushed down into where it's going to live for the semester. We'll be busy today.

There's that royal we again.
I've seen Rent twice in the past week or so. It was amazing both times. I think it's one of those things where I'm at a point in my life where it just resonates strangely with the current insides of my head; I can't imagine liking it as much in fifteen or twenty years. Dunno.

Christine is here, til tomorrow morning. This is spiffy--I have very few friends who are wiling to spend days reading in bed. Other than that, we went to Rocky Horror at the Rialto on Friday night; I'm not sure if someone got a picture of us with our eyeliner V's. I saw a guy from church there who I know was there without his mother's knowledge and/or permission, which I found amusing. As always. Her being here made me sort of realize how much the person I am is a product of the people I am from. You really can't know where you're going until you know where you've been. She said that having met my family makes me less confusing--not that I was before, but that a central piece of the Hannah puzzle has now been placed.

There's a bit going on in my brain, but it's all muddly right now. Could probably be boiled down to a Switchfoot song title--Life and Love and Why. There should be switches for some things. That would make life easier. Of course, knowing me, I would forget to turn them back on at appropriate times, which could make things awkward. Or even easier. Not sure which.

Up early tomorrow morning. Stupid airports.
I love my brother. He takes comments like "how would you like your Sith Lord, original or extra crispy?" and turns them into Trogdor references.

Episodes I-III are vastly inferior to the original trilogy. They're too shiny and smooth, not at all movies wiht real people in them. That was what made the originals good; they weren't just sci-fi movies, they were sci-fi movies with cool people. Rewatched Empire Strikes Back a couple of days ago, and was reminded of how purely awesome Han Solo is, and how adorable the relationship is his relationship with Leia.

None of them really seem like they could happen, but the people in the originals seem realer. Er, more real. Whatever.

Christmas did end up being good, and merry, and what have you. I probably shouldn't be surprised.
Merry Christmas!

I got socks. Fuzzy purple ones!

I guess that makes me a little like Dumbledore.
I feel better, actually. Going to church for two services may or may not have helped, but deciding to actually get out today and get Mom a present did. And she liked it--three balls of Fun Fur yarn, purple and black, and a big ball of black boucle. I think she was kind of surprised that I had actually thought about her present. It was rather nice that she liked it so much, and very Christmassy.

I've already resigned myself to not being the first one up tomorrow. I can just try not to push my bedtime too far.

Who am I kidding.
OMG done.
This was my Eastmas Eve:

Wander into lounge. Move furniture. Move furniture back. Move furniture a little more so that proper conversational groupings could be arranged. Get excited about shiny lights--yay! Retrieve sub from Jay's Place. Watch in awe as bar is set out. Finish sub just in time to not be overrun by bottles. Bring speakers to lounge. Bring power strip from Black Hole to lounge. Be a good frosh helper monkey and assist in plugging stuff in. Put on appropriately festive shirt. Go back to party. Have a hot chocolate with creme de menthe--yum. Retrieve Chem quiz. Nod knowingly at FAILING score. Have another drink--possibly Kahlua, milk and creme de menthe? Feel like being tipsy may be on its way to being achieved. Go back to room. Bug Christine over IM. Go up to Christine's room. Almost fall asleep on Christine's knees. Discover a Rudy at the door. Three-way spooning. Fall asleep for an hour. Get kicked out. Retrieve speakers.

Go to bed.

It actually feels like Christmas now. I've never really understood before how being alone for the holidays could suck, but I see it now. And there is no suckage, because at East you're not alone unless you want to be.

I should post a picture of the lounge, because it's beautifully festive. Perhaps I shall tomorrow.
So this week pretty much sucks. I want to get my code written for the CS project tonight, so I can debug tomorrow. This is proving to be entertaining.

On the bright side, I have Funball music. Four versions of "Take Me On." DDR music up the wazoo.

"Like A Prayer."

There is no bad when there is Funball music.
Funball was amazing. Erica came; we stayed at the party the entire time, except one brief intermission around 10 to try to find her friend at a Pomona party, and attempts to get Christine and Rudy out of their rooms. Went one for two on that. Danced for at least three of the four hours worth of music. The second to last song was "Piano Man," which was amazing because we had about twenty Easties of various floors standing in a circle and singing along. And I wore my spiffy shirt that glows prettily under UV lights.

Bed now.

I got some from Christine, and lots from Ben, that mostly classical. And Beatles. And techno. Ben's music makes me happy.

I will not be working on the train tomorrow. I will be making playlists.
Trick or Cheese was tonight, so I did the Halloween costume thing a few days early. Christine and I went as each other--it was pretty darn awesome. We're almost the same height and weight, brown hair, can wear glasses, and have distinctive patterns of dress. I have my flannel, and she has this enormous blue sweater that used to belong to her grandfather, and this choker, and she always wears her hair up... also I'm wearing eyeshadow. We broke the brains of about four people, including my roommate, and were deemed frosh clones. It was super awesome. I'll post a picture or something when I get it--I'm pretty sure someone took one.

Then we watched Princess Mononoke, which is less creepy when you're watching it at one in the morning with people who like to make fun of movies as much as you do. And then we didn't leave until 3, because no one wanted to get up.

And now I'm going to bed.



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