Another week over. Skipped the ITR Games to play Illuminati, which is a very entertaining game. It involves being Not Evil, a lot. I was the Servants of Cthulu; I almost won, but I misplayed my last turn. And I didn't destroy nearly enough groups.

This place is starting to feel like home. It's still weird being responsible for myself; I've found myself thinking that I should tell someone where I'm going to be, and realize... there isn't anyone, really. There are people here, though, who know who I am and who care about me. I'm making my own community. It feels weird sometimes, still, that I don't have the built community of my parents and my brother, but I like this one. After all, where else could I stay up til three in the morning as a result of a trip to Matthew's room to listen to Carmina Burana, which led to that game of Illuminati, which led to plotting CS homework with Rudy, which led to talking and me staying up later than I should be staying up.

Also, I am definitely not plotting evily to organize a takeover of TimeSuck for next year. Nope, not me.
I am such a slug. I know college students are supposed to sleep, but this is ridiculous.

I guess this is what staying up 'til all hours, watching Boondock Saints and playing Super Smash Bros. will do to you. I need to remember not to do this anymore. I am not a partyer; getting out of bed four hours after my roommate is bad. So is being too tired to change into pajamas and brush my teeth. Bad. And there even wasn't any alcohol involved.

At least I got my CS homework done yesterday.

My binder is still in the guys' room.

Argh. This was not a bad weekend, but staying up that late is bad for Hannahs, thus potentially making it a bad weekend. Especially since I missed breakfast--who does that on weekends!? Hoch is open until 12:30 for crying out loud.

Cut for a little bit of angst... )

I'm actually okay. It's just a little homesickness, and a little bit of out-of-placeness, which sound like they could be the same thing and actually aren't. I miss the way things used to be, but I know that I probably couldn't go back now if I wanted to. After all, I've now played Blank White Cards and ended up sitting in Awesomewood in my underwear, having volunteered to take my pants off, after having spent an evening rock climbing and going to dinner with eleven other people in one car.

No alcohol was involved then, either. And it was okay, because everyone else was in their underwear, too. But you see my point, I think.



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