Job search:

  • Haven't heard a thing from either of the places who wanted research assistants. Honestly, not really holding my breath on those. It would be an awesome job, but I'm not sure if they're going to think I'm qualified. I am in fact not sure if I am qualified. I think I could be, if given the opportunity, though.
  • Had first technical screening with Proteus today. I think it went well? The other guy started talking more as the conversation went on, which I feel like is a good sign. The company sounds like it could be a neat place to work. I'm feeling somewhat more enthusiastic about it now than I did beforehand, honestly.
  • New Thing tentatively on the horizon. Apparently there's going to be an opening in the admissions office as an admissions counselor that the deans are willing to recommend me for. I don't have many details about that, but am going to try to hunt down Dean Guy this afternoon. He is elusive. :p

Classes going okay. The final paper that I wrote for abnormal that was supposed to be ten pages turned out to be four and a half, but it is a paper, albeit a shitty one. I asked if I could revise it and turn in a better version during finals week. Here's hoping. This weekend: AI final project. Also, ballroom comp. Also also, Rudy will be here for the ballroom comp and stuff surrounding it. I have back up, so I think it will be okay. Papers due next week are just rough drafts, technically, but the more I get done for next week, the less I have to do after that, and the more time I'll have to pack up my shit. Any recommendations for storage places near campus?
Rethinking the grad school for next fall thing a bit. I'm feeling really unmotivated to do grad school searching. That isn't necessarily a good reason to rethink, but that and the fact that I still don't feel super prepared in the field I would likely want to be going into, and am in fact still unsure as to what that field would be makes me think that maybe holding off would be a good plan. I can pursue learning things that I think are interesting for a little while on my own, and figure out what I actually want to do next before I do it.

That means I have to figure out what I am actually doing next, if not grad school. Ick.
Argh brain stoppit.

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Can has brain dump?



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