It surprises me sometimes, more than it ought to, I think, how many people care about what happens to me. MacKenzie took me to South this evening to meet Simon and Andi, to see if perhaps they knew anyone in South who wanted to get into East, or if there would be South-space for a single Eastie with no roommate. Andi did not, off the top of her head, but hopefully she will think of me if it is an issue that comes up.

Speaking of which, if anyone hears of a girl looking for a roommate in East, Atwood, or Case, or someone to fill out a South suite, well, I am too. I'm relatively quiet and relatively neat, and I can feed myself. And I'm housebroken.

I have way too much to do tomorrow. And I am going to go to physics lecture. I just am. That's the way it goes.

Shower, bed.

  • to stay at Mudd.
  • to not have to write this hum paper.
  • to major in CS. i think.
  • to have a single next year. Ha ha fat chance.
  • to find another penguin.
  • to be mature enough to be in a relationship with said penguin.
  • to feel as old as everyone else at capoeira.
  • a space heater
  • Windows on my computer. yeah, I know.
  • to be able to rely on my friends. i have so many people who aren't just Christine and Rudy. I need to learn to use them.
  • to be able to write papers and things and get them in on time.
  • to understand love.

"Perfection is the enemy of good."
--Professor Donnelly, misquoting (as far as I can tell) Winston Churchill
I remembered something important last night that I had forgotten. It makes me a little sad that I missed an opportunity yesterday, but I can try not to let it happen again.
I feel better today. For some reason, the fact that I actually paid attention in physics helped. Of course, so did the fact that I have wonderful parents, and the fact that I apparently managed to say something helpful yesterday.

Parents have concluded that I should go to either CMU or HMC. Am not going to argue. This is why they are awesome.

I have this cloudy seed of a philosophy--it's good to do things you don't think you should, but you really really want to. At least, sometimes. Which is why it's important to decide carefully...

Off to shower. At peace with world.

Who I am.

Sep. 30th, 2004 10:54 pm
SomeSortOfLizard (10:24:30 PM): Who am I to you?
chitchat201 (10:25:09 PM): hmm
SomeSortOfLizard (10:25:21 PM): My Elena-persona, if you will :)
chitchat201 (10:25:52 PM): introspective, intelligent person who is honest and willing to share her opinions or thoughts, but only after knowing what they are
SomeSortOfLizard (10:26:14 PM): "but only after knowing what they are"... I like that :)
chitchat201 (10:26:19 PM): claire says quiet and dignified

Okie dokie.



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