Jun. 14th, 2009

It occurred to me that if I learn to knit, I can make my own legwarmers. This idea is motivating in a way that the thought of no other kind of project has been.

After this week, I'll have all sorts of time. I'm really looking forward to that.
I could totally pull off a Petria costume for Halloween. A cami and slacks in the right color wouldn't be too hard to find, and I could figure something out for a vest. And I have a hat already! :D

Red with vest: http://requiem.seraph-inn.com/viewcomic.php?page=46
Green jacket: http://requiem.seraph-inn.com/viewcomic.php?page=162, http://requiem.seraph-inn.com/viewcomic.php?page=163
Under the green jacket: http://requiem.seraph-inn.com/viewcomic.php?page=196
Different red with scarf: http://requiem.seraph-inn.com/viewcomic.php?page=222
red shirt, green vest: http://requiem.seraph-inn.com/viewcomic.php?page=302, http://requiem.seraph-inn.com/viewcomic.php?page=306, http://requiem.seraph-inn.com/viewcomic.php?page=323

The last one might be easiest, in part because I've wanted to get a pair of pinstriped pants anyway.

... I should be working on my essay.



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