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There was cooking last night!

[livejournal.com profile] sakecake and I decided that we should make dinner, but did not have anything in particular to make. Thus, we visited Trader Joe's. We found pre-marinated salmon in the frozen section, at which point [livejournal.com profile] sakecake remembered that she had wild rice. That started to sound like Real Dinner. We even got a vegetable, because there was asparagus that looked tasty.

Wild Rice
This was the most time-consuming part, since it wanted to be cooked for 40 minutes. Easy, though -- rince, put in pot with twice as much water, cook for 40ish minutes or until the water went away. I feel like if I had it again, I would have to put something else in it -- tasted a little plain to me by itself, which is slightly ironic because usually I eat plain white rice. Was good with the salmon, though.

Trader Joe's makes frozen salmon really, really easy. [livejournal.com profile] sakecake put it on a foil-covered pan; the salmon package hadn't mentioned foil, but it makes sense so as to make the cleaning of pans not suck. Thing to remember. Baked according to package directions. It turned out a wee bit dry, which I blame on the fact that we didn't really get a chance to completely defrost it, and thus had a much harder time judging cooking time. Not complaining; the marinade was really good. I'm just spoiled by my mom's salmon. :p

Super, super easy -- I felt like I could probably reproduce cooking asparagus on my own, it was that easy. Snap crunchy ends off of asparagus. Drizzle pan with olive oil, coat asparagus with olive oil, apply salt and pepper, broil at 400 for 7ish minutes. SO GOOD.

It was tasty. And we had a vegetable! I felt all grown-up. Then we ate asparagus with fingers, and the sensation passed.

I got the leftover asparagus, because I want to try doing pasta in a cream sauce with chicken and asparagus. Now I just need a recipe for cream sauce...

How long does asparagus keep?



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