Moderately interesting soup-things are ridiculously easy to make.

I had very little to eat in the pantry today. I did, however, have a can of cream of potato soup. I decided it needed to be stew. I think I missed the stew a little, but it turned into soup.

Proportions were:
-- half a pepper
-- one moderately-sized onion
-- one carrot
-- one can of beans
-- one can of cream of potato soup
-- one can of milk (didn't start out in the can)

  1. Cook the pepper and onion
  2. cook the carrot for a little while
  3. get bored and add the beans and some water
  4. get impatient again and add the cream of potato soup
  5. realize I should have mixed the soup with milk before adding it to the pot. Oops.
  6. stir stir stir
  7. wait

And then it became soup. It's kind of bland, but it's... potato soup. Would have liked to have more beans, and maybe chicken or sausage, but it's definitely edible, and it should keep for lunch tomorrow. Half an hour.

At some point soonish I will write about Alaska. I'm eating my dinner now though.
I now have a tarot deck. I'd been thinking about getting one for a bit, because I think they're interesting. Sam-frosh was cleaning out his room, and decided that he no longer needed a tarot deck, and so I got it. This one: New toy, I guess?

Blues tonight was awesome. I didn't get tired and fall over halfway through like usual, and I got lots of good dances. And now it's 3:30 in the morning, yay.

And tomorrow, San Diegans! V. exciting.
I just sent a decidedly imperfect draft of my paper to Prof. DeLaet. This is huge for me in several ways:

1. It's not perfect. I let myself bracket things off to fill in later when I got stuck. They are admittedly not yet filled in, but that's what tomorrow is for.

2. It's complete. If I absolutely had to turn it in tomorrow, I could fill in or omit stuff and have a finished, albeit crappy, paper.

3. I actually enjoyed writing it. I'm learning a lot about a field I'm interested in, and I'm learning a lot about my writing process and how to break blocks.

So yeah. Maybe this writing thing doesn't completely suck after all.
Not quite enough to eat today + vitamin + most of a Smirnoff = damn, I have a touchy stomach sometimes.

Today was a sweatpants day. And a whoa there's the alcohol day.
There was cooking last night!

I should probably cut... )

It was tasty. And we had a vegetable! I felt all grown-up. Then we ate asparagus with fingers, and the sensation passed.

I got the leftover asparagus, because I want to try doing pasta in a cream sauce with chicken and asparagus. Now I just need a recipe for cream sauce...

How long does asparagus keep?
I could totally pull off a Petria costume for Halloween. A cami and slacks in the right color wouldn't be too hard to find, and I could figure something out for a vest. And I have a hat already! :D

Red with vest:
Green jacket:,
Under the green jacket:
Different red with scarf:
red shirt, green vest:,,

The last one might be easiest, in part because I've wanted to get a pair of pinstriped pants anyway.

... I should be working on my essay.
It occurred to me that if I learn to knit, I can make my own legwarmers. This idea is motivating in a way that the thought of no other kind of project has been.

After this week, I'll have all sorts of time. I'm really looking forward to that.
Compared to my brother, I'm kind of ridiculously straight-edge. Considering that my brother is pretty straight-edge, this is sad.

His flight was about an hour late, so we got back to campus around 1:15. Picked up a couple of DOS movie tickets and dropped off the DOS van binder, then tossed a frisbee around for a while. Having nothing better to do, we went to Von's. Groceries obtained: two liters of Cactus Cooler, one box of Nilla wafters, six pack of raspberry Smirnoff, one bottle whiskey. Awesome. We did Thai in the Village for dinner; in theory, we were going to hang out there until Star Trek, but he forgot the tickets, so we headed back up to Mudd. Plan B was to head back down for 21 Choices and movie later in the evening, but I got four hours of sleep last night because I'm bad at essay and my brain seems to think that sleep dep is a good way of breaking writing blocks, and he was up at 4:00 EST to catch his flight here so he was exhausted. I ended up napping on the couch for a bit. When I woke up to see what he was up to, I found him sacked out on my floor. Aw. Needless to say, we did not go to the movie. I offered movie here; he said that he'd rather just go to bed. So I watched last night's episode of SYTYCD, and he's sleeping.

My brother is really cool. We haven't interacted a whole lot in the past while, because we've both been doing our own things. It turns out that we're actually a lot alike, in the ways that we think and interact with each other, except that he's super more laid-back than I am. He's all grown up -- he's going to graduate a semester after I do, and is applying to med school. The thing he brought to entertain himself is an MCAT study book. He'll all, like, interesting and stuff, and he's working on cool bio research that he's exciting about, and he thought ahead to bringing CDs for driving!

I'm really proud of him, and I'm really glad he's here visiting. Shh, don't tell. :D
I'm having a somewhat interesting experience with looking at ads for my anthro paper. Approximately, it's about women's bodies in advertising, and the effect the lack of respect for women that this engenders has on the relationship between men and women. The ones for Dove's Campaign For Real Beauty are interesting, because the campaign is trying to deliberately flout some advertising norms.

I'm finding myself looking at ads like the one in this article, and thinking that they look pretty damn skinny. And then I have to remind myself that yes, skinny, but in most ads? Skinnier. I mean, these women are not stretching the bounds of what sorts of bodies are socially acceptable by a whole lot, but they are stretching it some. That's why this Dove campaign was such a big deal.

This is probably a good thing for life, that women who are somewhat less airbrushed look normal and attractive to me. Less a good thing for this paper, though -- it's harder to write about things that are common to advertising without having a mental picture of what it is.
Resolved a thought to my satisfaction yesterday, which is that part of the reason I'm getting a little annoyed with my frosh for how they're treating the suite and the kitchen and things is that to me, this is my home for the next six months. The longest I'm going to be not here, until December, will be the nine days in August where I'm going home. They're just living here for a few weeks until their summer thing is done with. Of course they don't care about getting kitchen stuff, or wiping off counters, or making the living room be nice. This isn't the kind of space that they would put that kind of care into.

Also, they're frosh.

In other news, [ profile] sakecake and I made dinner yesterday, and it was and continues to be delicious. I have decided that I'm going to write down stuff about food, so that I can record the ongoing process of learning to feed myself in ways that do not solely involve copious amounts of pancakes.

Dinner was a vaguely Indian stew-chili thing. One of [ profile] sakecake's suitemates left behind a couple of jars of Trader Joe's masala sauce, and after a trial run with it we decided that it would be a tasty stew base. Also there was corn bread.

Things involved in stew thing:
- one green bell pepper
- two smalling yellow onions
- a couple of carrots
- four red potatoes
- can of pinto beans
- can of kidney beans
- jar of masala sauce

What we did:
First we sautéed the pepper and onions. I would like to note at this point that Firefox's dictionary includes "sautéed" with the little accent, and not without. Then diced carrots and potatoes for a while, then beans. I think a can of water went in at that point also. Shortly thereafter, the sauce went in with another jarful of water. Covered the pot, let it simmer while the cornbread baked and [ profile] sakecake did dishes. I didn't even ask, she just did them!

I don't have a recipe for the cornbread (... *puppy eyes*?), but it was quite tasty in the stew chili thing.

Total time involved:
Maybe an hour and a halfish? Cornbread could have been timed a little better, but we thought it was done -- it looked all pretty on top, and then sunk when pierced by cold steel.

Would be dinner for fourish. It was dinner for us two, and now dinner for me, and there's probably one or two more servings in there.
David Eddings is dead.

There are three or four books that I can remember reading over and over in elementary school. There was The Hobbit, the old version with the green and blue and black dustcover; there was a collection of Russian fairy tales that was the first book I ever got from the nonfiction section; and there was The Belgariad, with all five books in two volumes.

I can remember staying up until all hours finishing the second volume for the first time, at my dad's new condo in my new loft bed. Pretty sure I was up until all hours finishing both volumes several times after that as well.

Silk was my favorite.

There are probably authors who would have been better formative experiences. I mean, read one Eddings series and you've pretty much read them all, and the newest series that he published was disappointing. But between him and Tolkien, I developed a serious respect for authors who cared about their worlds. If ever I wanted to be a writer, and at one point I did, it was because it seemed pretty cool to build your own place like that.

RIP, Mr. Eddings.
I got my Roommate Matching Form back today, since we were packing up Dean Guy's old office in anticipation of having carpet replaced and the class of 2009's matching forms just happened to be at the top of one of the stacks. There were a few bits that amuse me now:

* My roommate should value an alcohol-/substance-free environment: absolutely. This has changed.

* I expect to have my boyfriend/girlfriend stay the night: never. This has also changed.

* "Inability to match my own clothing" under worst qualities/annoying habits. This has... not changed. Ahem.

In general it makes me sound like I'm extremely blunt and have no social skills. This... may be true. I like to think I've grown out of that a bit.
* Hairdye has been obtained. The instructions want me to cut off a bit of hair to do a "Strand Test." I'm not sure I want to cut off bits of my hair, even for this...

* Contemplating tattoo.

* Hate trying to do work over the summer. I can never get anything done. Which leads me to

* My mother thinks I should try Ritalin. She thinks I should try it by "borrowing" some from someone with a prescription. My mother is a nurse.

* Karamel Sutra is about 2/3s awesome. I love the caramel in the middle and the caramel ice cream is good, but I always forget that I don't really like chocolate ice cream.
It's amazing to me that one of the most meaningful things to me, still, about my relationship with my father is sandwiches cut in funny ways.

Which is to say, this webcomic made me cry a little.

Perhaps my lunch sandwich today will be a sailboat.
* Went to Target. Got much kitchen stuffs; also an iron. Feel all adult now -- I own knives! And mixing bowls!

* Discovered that I cannot swipe into my suite. Neither can one of the Adams; neither could the F&M lackey. BAD. Hopefully will be fixed tomorrow.

* Had pancakes for breakfast. Om nom.

* Really, really tired. Do not want to be productive. This is also bad.

* Want to try being a redhead. Not sure how. Going to a place would be expensive, but doing it myself runs the risk of looking terrible.

* I should upload an icon to Dreamwidth at some point.

* Meh.
Anyone know who @gaslampball is, and why they might want to be following me?
I should upload some userpics at some point.

My parents' visit was fabulous. We went out a lot, so I didn't have to eat at the Hoch (score!), and we did cool stuff. Wednesday before they left, we went to Hip Kitty with [ profile] bjencks, because Wednesday is a jazz improv night. We danced some, and the musicians liked us, so I'm organizing a (hopefully small) group to go again tonight.

But yeah, parents. They seemed to be popular among the people to whom I introduced them, and they seemed to like the people to whom I introduced them, so win all around. They also told me several times that they are very proud of me and what I've accomplished in the past four years, so it was warm fuzzies all around. I'm glad we can interact the way we do; I feel like they're treating me more like an adult and less like just their daughter, although I'm glad that I'm still that, too.

Ballroom is over for the semester, other than events like the Hip Kitty trip previously mentioned. I'm kind of glad, because it means that one of my most significant emotional stressors is now leaving me alone. It sucks not seeing people that I like, but I'll see most of them again, this summer even. I have coffee with Paul on Friday, after which I will most likely have a lot to think about, and a to-do list. I made about a page and a half of notes about the website, because currently it is full of fail and being disorganized. We should have a wiki.

Likewise, school is pretty much over for the semester. SO NICE. We turned in our clinic checklist yesterday, and our final report the day before that, which means that I will never have to deal with Certain Professors again. OH FUN NOTE if portal is to be trusted, I got a B. Ha. I took the PLs final on Monday, which I'm hoping that I got at least a C on, because that means I pass. According to portal, I also passed psych, which means that the only thing I have left to worry about is my incomplete in anthro, which I'm working on. I don't think my GPA will improve much this semester, but wevs. The 3 will just stay forever tantalizingly out of my reach.

I'm actually boring myself with this, so I'm going to go through my music now.
I am somewhat dead of ballroom. Between time getting set for performances and the emotional drain of being around Certain Persons ALL THE TIME, the past week has been interesting.

One good thing is the time I've been spending with the other women on team. We've been doing tanning, which is by necessity (and naked) women-only; Tuesday was watching Twilight, eating ice cream and bitching about team. It was fabulous. I really, really miss having people to hang out with on a regular basis around whom I don't feel like I have to be clever. It should be okay next semester because some of the people I'm most enjoying right now aren't going anywhere, but I will definitely miss others who are graduating or abroad-ing. I wish that I had been able to find that sort of community earlier.

Also my parents are coming today! I don't remember when their flight is getting in, so I might not be seeing them until tomorrow, but they're going to be here, and they're coming to concert, so :D!
Shopping trip this morning! Which was fun. Returning the ZipCar late, not so fun; my cell phone died this morning, so I didn't really have a portable timepiece, and [ profile] mercuriazs did something strange to hers at breakfast so the screen was dead. They charge... kind of a lot. Oh, well. Got concert stuff at Target, The Little Prince at B&N, which I just read online and am now glad I own, and looked for spandex shorts at Ross. There are none. Anywhere. It is somewhat distressing. Plan B is currently to look for cheap leggings online, of the stretchy, cotton/spandex sort, that could be cut down. Plan C is Discount Dance. I'd rather not buy clothing I can't try on, though, especially something spandexy and shorts.

So much homework this weekend. It is going to suck mightily.
Argh brain stoppit.

Thingsof random! )

Can has brain dump?



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